My name is Tony. I am an Events Manager for Masala Creations. Being in this industry has its perks, such as having great tasty food available to me all the time. As a consequence of my weight, I decided to take action and met with a coach (@beastsaad), who provided me with a bespoke training and diet plan.

The most difficult part was the meal prep and the time it took. Shopping, cooking and weighing food was taking up so much of my time and as a result, I did not enjoy it.

As we have a team of chefs onsite at Masala Creations, I saw this as an opportunity to try something new to help myself and others with meal preparation. Our chefs make healthy meals which are not only good for you, but also very tasty. These healthy meals would take out all the hard work of meal preparation and time. I went on to share this idea with my coach and together we created Beast Creations.

We have both custom meal prep as well as vacuum pack bags of individual dishes to help everyone achieve their goals! 

With the help of Beast Creations I have managed to concentrate on my training whilst having a healthy  balance with family and work life. Naturally we found a market to help many people reach the same goals with the aid of meal prep. 

Team work makes the dream work. We wish you all the best and hope our services can help you all achieve your goals.


WEIGHT LOSS = 102.4 lbs
WAIST = 14.5″
ARMS = 1″
LEGS = 8.5″

At Masala Creations, we believe in perfection!

From intimate gatherings through to large celebrations to corporate events, our services show we have the creativity and the passion to be the best we can be to ensure everybody can experience a day to remember.

  • Amazing staff. Thoroughly helpful. Have used Masala creations a few years ago and it's great to see the constant drive they have to be the best. The food was absolutely amazing and there was none left, which never happens! Can't wait to use them again. Highly recommended for all occassions!
    Gaurav Shukla, Groom
  • We honestly couldn’t have a more perfect day. All of our guests commented on how tasty the food was and just how much there was of it. The whole team put a lot of work into making our day such a success. We will be sharing pics once we get them from the photographers. We really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us during this whole process. You’ve enabled us to create memories of a lifetime. Tony you’re a credit to Masala Creations and we will both be recommending you to anyone who asks.
    Madhusha and Jon, Bride and Groom
  • Booked Masala Creations for one of the pre-wedding events we had at home. The food was delicious and everyone loved it. The staff were friendly and took the stress out of the event. The menu’s have a good selection of food, and the spice level on the night was perfect to suit the needs of every guest. There is a saying that one thing guests remember about an event is the hospitality, and everyone was raving about the food all night. Thank you so much!
  • From my first correspondence to the wedding, the experience with Masala Creations was fantastic. During the food tasting Tony talked through our wedding plans and it was his attention to detail which helped our decision with who to go with. I would thoroughly recommend using Masala Creations for your wedding or any event as everything was seamless, the prices were very competitive and the food was excellent quality and delicious. Thank you for making our wedding day so memorable.
    Prini Patel, Bride
  • The team at Masala Creations were brilliant. The guys did a great job of setting up both breakfast and lunch and made the place look stunning. The food was amazing and cannot thank the team enough, a special thank you to Tony and Head Chef for doing a great job in coordinating and taking charge for both meals!!

We offer a range of freshly cooked dishes from our menu as part of our exclusive Takeaway service. Select your online ordering service below to place your order for collection or delivery.

Dedicated Event Managers!

Our specialist Event team is highly experienced in organising and managing all event types and sizes. No matter the occasion or the venue, we are here to help. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our team and discuss your event requirements.

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