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Frequently Asked Questions

The best recommendation for any Indian caterer is word of mouth, it is the highest form of communication. Interrogate family and friends about Asian caterers they’ve used in the past. Also think about your own personal experience, events which you’ve been to where the food and service was excellent and try to get in touch with the hosts and get contact details for the caterers they hired.

Good Indian food is not too hard to find, there are lots of restaurants and catering firms which can produce good food but the logistics and preparation of serving to hundreds of guests are beyond their levels of expertise. There are only a handful of well-established and reputable Asian catering companies that can not only provide food of excellent quality but can also organise your event, making your day as stress free as possible.

Other sources of information about caterers are Asian magazines and the internet. The venue of your choice may also have a few recommendations, if their choices are not to your taste, they may allow a different caterer subject to terms and conditions.

Masala Creations is a new and unique catering company with years of experience behind us due to our carefully selected team of chefs. We have catered for and organised many different types of events. Traditional weddings, mixed marriages, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, corporate events and barbeques to name but a few.

Masala Creations has expanded hugely and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in multi–cuisine catering for all kinds of events. We can provide a range of high quality cuisine for events, from Indian to Indo Chinese, Gujarati dishes and Barbecue grills, no dish is ever too difficult for our chefs. Feel free to ask us of any dishes you may not see on our menu as our chefs are more than capable to meet your needs.

Masala Creations provides and extensive vegetarian menu with a number of choices of vegetarian dishes. A huge proportion of the Asian community are vegetarian due to religious beliefs, therefore vegetarian cuisine is taken very seriously. There is a separate vegetarian prep area in the industrial kitchen and separate cold storage facilities for vegetarian food which is prepared for pure vegetarian events.

For take away services we take orders for a minimum of 20 guests for either a collection or delivery service. If you require our cooking on site services, we normally charge a flat rate for a minimum of 150 guests, however this is flexible as we try to meet each clients individual needs. Therefore we apply a surcharge for chefs to be called on site for any event which falls under the 150 guests bracket. For more information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Currently you can view our menu online by clicking here.

You may also download an electronic copy of our catering guides by clicking here.

Our Events Team welcomes the opportunity to plan a unique menu/ proposal for your event. Our professional staff can offer you many creative selections to meet your special needs.

Any person that’s requires catering for an event- students, families, Bride & Groom, venues, companies and many more. Additionally, any person/ group that requires to use our services.

Contact us as soon as you think you may have an event. Large orders require more lead time. Generally a banquet should be booked one month in advance. But as we run events simultaneously we recommend advance notice to avoid disappointment as we may not be able to cater for you.

One of Event Managers will happily assist you in planning your event’s food and beverage needs.

We do not have a card payment facility, so cash, bank transfer and cheque please.

We have catered in Birmingham, Dorset & Manchester! It doesn’t matter where the event is, however additional travel costs will be charged.

This is what we specialise in, we bring out Tandoori ovens, cooking tents, jet burners as standard and even live stations on requests.

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